To meet the unique regulatory, economic and community needs of each state, participating stakeholders in Washington and Oregon have collaborated to develop state-specific goals that are best suited to each state. These goals are being adapted into practical strategies for project and program deployment.

Washington Solar Plus Goals & Strategies

In looking forward to future growth of solar in Washington, Solar Plus envisions a future in which:

  • Benefits of solar energy are equitably expanded to all users
  • Benefits are targeted to households with low incomes, communities of color, and areas facing disproportionate environmental burdens
  • The solar industry is able to grow sustainably over the next five years, at which point grid parity is anticipated
  • The value proposition for solar power in Washington is improved

Access the full Washington Solar Plus Goals.

Though facilitated discussions, the Washington State Solar Plus group developed the WA State Solar Strategies and activities to meet the goals of the Solar Plus initiative.

Washington State Community Solar Program

In 2017, as part of Washington Senate Bill  5939, the legislature created a new structure for community solar projects and incentives, allowing greater flexibility for where projects can be built, how large they can be, and how people can participate.  The incentive program is currently open for applications for community solar projects, and projects must file for pre-certification prior to construction.  For more information see the Washington Community Solar Factsheet.

Equity Framework

An important component of the Solar Plus work is to address structural inequities in the energy system that create disproportionate benefits for some communities and burdens for others, often people with lower incomes and people of color. To this end, the Solar Plus forum developed an Equity Framework to guide strategy and program development. Check out the findings from the Community Listening Sessions Front and Centered conducted across the state.

Washington Solar Metrics

Below is a snapshot of solar in Washington.  For active data and the ability to drill into it further, just click on the image. This data set illustrates the legacy Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Incentive Program  (RECRIP) which sunset June 30, 2017.   In July 2017, a new incentive program, the Renewable Energy System Incentive Program (RESIP) began.  For information and program updates on the RESIP Program, please click here.