To meet the unique regulatory, economic and community needs of each state, participating stakeholders in Washington and Oregon have collaborated to develop state-specific goals that are best suited to each state. These goals are being adapted into practical strategies for project and program deployment.

Oregon Solar Plus Goals

In looking forward to future growth of solar in Oregon, the Solar Plus forum envisions a future in which we:

  • Increase the access and benefits of solar to low-income communities and communities of color
  • Strengthen the advocacy capacity of communities around the state regarding solar, and diversify the network of organizations that engage in solar policies
  • Increase solar employment in low-income communities and communities of color
  • Engage regulatory entities and utilities to explore distribution, locational needs and complementary technologies that add value to solar deployment
  • Increase the business community’s connection to solar
  • Increase the popular understanding of solar opportunities and technology

Access the full Oregon Solar Plus Goals.

Equity Framework

An important component of the Solar Plus work is to address structural inequities in the energy system that create disproportionate benefits for some communities and burdens for others, often people with lower incomes and people of color. To this end, the Solar Plus forum developed an Equity Framework to guide strategy and program development.

Oregon Solar Plan

Commissioned by Solar Plus partner OSEIA, the Oregon Solar Plan outlines a plan to scale up solar over the next 10 years.

Oregon Community Solar Program

In 2016, as part of Oregon Senate Bill 1547, the legislature created a new structure for customers of Pacific Power, Idaho Power, and Portland General Electric to participate in community solar projects. This program allows customers to jointly share in the costs and benefits of a solar energy system by receiving bill credits for their portion of solar generation. As of July, 2018, the program is still under development as the Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) finalizes a number of steps prior to program launch. However, a number of program elements, requirements, and goals are known in the rules. Stakeholders have participated in rulemaking for the past 2 years. This fact sheet provides an overview of the program elements that are known to date. Access the Oregon Community Solar Program fact sheet for more information.


Oregon Solar Metrics

The graph below is provided by the Oregon Department of Energy and demonstrates trends in residential PV system cost and sizing since 2010. The blue line demonstrates the average cost of systems, which has decreased by almost half from over $7.00/Watt in 2010 to less than $4.00/Watt today. Over the same period the average size of systems, demonstrated by the orange bars, more than doubled from 3000 Watts to more than 6000 Watts.